Drinking tea is not just for the British, it’s a lovely tradition that is firmly entrenched in the South African culture too. Whether you have it strong and black or with lots of milk and sugar, the choice is yours and at Andiccio24, we prepare the best tea you’ve ever tasted.

Ask any non-coffee lover and they’ll admit that a good cuppa tea can turn any frown upside down. At Andiccio24, we cater for the coffee-fans and the tea-lovers too so you can buy tea online with your meal or simply order it by itself. Why not add a cupcake or an ice cream tub to enjoy with it too?

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Which tea is good for you?

Tea is good for the soul, and that’s a fact. Whether you enjoy traditional black tea (caffeinated tea) or would rather sample herbal teas, either are very good for both your body, mind and soul.

At Andiccio24 we offer tea and spicy chai tea on our menu for the tea-fan, so the choice is yours.

Where to buy tea online?

From tea to smoothies, coffee to beer at Andiccio24 we offer a range of drinks to buy online or instore. You can order your drinks by themselves or as the perfect thirst quencher to go with your pizza, pasta, salad or soup. We think tea goes perfectly with a dessert pizza or traditional cupcake, so why not try that combo out today?

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